Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trying to get up

I woke up feeling tired and stressed, after 10 hours sleep and still stressed! I couldn’t possibly figure out the reason why my eyes still want to shut again and my mind wants to wonder away to nowhere, why my body refuses to move 1 cm out of the bed and the well tucked cover, Its aching and pleading to me “please let me stay  ...let me enjoy the sweet warmth of the bed”, but this annoying voice inside my head says “get up your going to be late” I try to force this lazy body to move, I push my arm to slip out of the cover and reach to my mobile phone slowly... there...good job … now it’s in my hand… it’s time to open the eyes to see the time.. yes I did it.. I can see.. ohh I’m really going to be late , though my eyes closed again but I can clearly see myself standing up and going to the bathroom then getting dressed in a cute black dress …here I’m coming down the stairs... what’s this noise?? It familiar! It’s getting louder and louder …I suddenly open my eyes to see my hand in front of my face holding the mobile phone from where the alarm sound is coming. Oh God! I was dreaming that I got up…now I have to really get up , but how can I get up …it’s too hard I don’t know why, I usually take much less time...there goes my eyes again and with it my mind ..I see my dear uncle’s face…it doesn’t feel strange actually it feels totally normal to find him with me now, for the matter of fact I’m happy to see him, as if I miss him…he is smiling to me like he always does …I can see myself … but as a this is strange…I’m sitting on a carpet near a window and its warm and sunny... he is playing with me and tickling me.. I laugh so loud that that my lungs almost appears form my mouth hole…oh I cannot express how much I’m attached to this man …he hugs me and kisses me on the forehead and leaves… I cry and raise my arms calling him…I cry and I cry…I open my eyes full of tears I see a blurred picture of the bed again... it makes sense it was a dream of course…but why am I crying? I’ll figure out later... now I have to get up,  but I feel as if I’m paralyzed … I try to remove the cover  but my arms won’t do it, I try to open my eyes, I can’t , as if my body has a will of it’s own...and there goes my mind again, its slipping away..I see myself running away in a street... just running …nobody in following me...I’m just running very fast…what’s this noise? Music?!  Again, I open my eyes to see my mobile that’s still in my hand and ringing, I know it’s my mum I recognized the ringing tone, I answered  with my eyes closed and mother’s voice comes saying “ did you sleep well? I hope you did u seemed shocked yesterday…Get up we have a hard day coming ahead… you know they need us to support them in their  crises …get dresses quickly we are going to be late for your uncles funeral… your aunt and cousins are waiting"

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