Thursday, June 2, 2011

She Said..

The so called "Worry about you" is only your cover up for "Jealous sick". Admit it for God's sake!

I always wonder, if you'r gonna do what YOUR MIND tells you, why ask for MY choice in the first place? Have fun with your mind! 

Always be sure I never miss a word you say; When I ask you to repeat what you just said, it means you got another chance to change it!

When I ask you to hold my hand in public might mean: I'm teasing your x-girlfriend, My hand is cold, or I simply miss you.. 

Staying by your side should be added to "Best Things EVER" list. But hurt me and your Name will be added to "R.I.P" list..

I know the reason behind your boredom, you lost your favorite hobby: "Seeking my attention". Now  that you've got it, no wonder you'r bored..

To be cnt..

Menna Fawzi 


  1. very senstive feelings but you will not find the same reaction from other